End-to-End Human Resources Consultancy

We create solutions for human resources needs in all functions by thoroughly evaluating the dynamics of each organization. As a strategic human resources partner, we ensure the implementation, management and the sustainment of the systems. While providing all this support, we carry out research about changing definitions in human resources, flexible and dynamic models in the face of uncertainties and changes, the sustainable organizational structures which learn and improve, internalized talent management, success and compromise cultures across generations. We carry out projects with thought leaders in the relevant fields of universities, receive trainings, and make sure our business partners also benefit from them.


No matter how experienced we are in business life, the first day in our new job will always be anxiety-inducing and exciting for all of us. It is very important for the organization to show extra sensitivity on the first day of the employee. In organizations that support the employee on the first working day in the company, make proper job transfers, care about the needs of the employee, and plan the orientation process well, the adaptation process accelerates and the culture of working together and succeeding together increases. In order to achieve that, we set up and implement orientation programs that will support the increase of productive working times of new employees, ensure the healthy progress and continuity of the organization, and are appropriate for the corporate culture, changing business models, working spaces and employee needs.

Training & Progress

We contribute to the success of our business partners by transferring our expertise and sectoral know-how to them. We organize online or in-class trainings that may be needed by company employees and managers for sustainable and efficient business models and result-oriented dynamic organizations.

Organization Design

We think that rebuilding the changing organization structures in line with potential innovations is one of the main responsibilities of human resources. As uncertainties, changes and expectations differ, as Peoplefocus, we aim to create an effective, productive, agile structure which supports sustainability in our organizational design service and prepares the organization for the future.

Employee Satisfaction

In order for the establishment and continuity of result-focused, sustainable and successful organizational structures, it should be ensured that the influence of each employee increases and reveals his potential. With this perspective, we discuss issues such as physical working conditions, personal development and career opportunities, performance systems, rewarding, encouragement, appreciation models, process flows, job satisfaction, work-private life balance, wage benefits; in detail.

Performance Management

As Peoplefocus, we do a boutique work for each of our customers and we establish performance management systems suitable for the culture and structure of each organization. We assist companies with creating job descriptions and KPIs and ensuring their feasibility throughout the year.


We believe that Performance Management Systems should be a structure directly related to both business goals and human resources rather than being a measurement mechanism. We ensure that it has a positive impact on intracompany productivity and job satisfaction with models that are well-constructed in line with company strategies.

Talent Management

It is critical for organizations to maintain their competitive advantage, to become organizations that ensure sustainable success, to have their competencies and workforce ready to be where they aim in the future, to have a talented workforce, to maintain them and to achieve success together in line with their goals.

Establishing Basic Procedures

As Peoplefocus HR, we work with great care in matters that require sensitivity such as our business partners, adapting and changing working models and practices within the scope of labor law, evaluating incentive models, handling and updating human resources procedures in detail, preparing employer regulations and handbooks that can help employees, providing clear and understandable communication within the company and we ensure that the most appropriate solutions and applications are realized for our business partners.