Why Us?


As we do our job with passion, we put our signature under leading works in our industry. We passionately inspire the companies we serve and the employees we mediate, and we encourage them on the path to leadership.


We make a difference with our experienced team that has worked in the human resources sector for many years and specialized in various sectors. Believing in the success that comes with our experience, lifelong learning and improvement, we constantly improve ourselves and our business.


We constantly follow the innovations in the sectors we serve and the developments in the world of human resources, and we refresh our business approach accordingly. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of our team, we manage change properly.


While providing human resources services, we do not get lost amid companies and job postings, we only focus on people. We know very well that both the corporate needs and individual expectations are closely related to the human factor.

Message from our General Manager

As a team that has been working in all areas of human resources for many years, we believe that human resources consultancy should be supported and transformed with information, technology and scientific approaches. We underline once again that, with the quality of our service we offer, our profession is not just sending CVs or performing the same applications for every customer. We make our success sustainable by passing on our knowledge, experience, the trainings we receive abroad and in our country and the depths of our profession to both our business partners and our candidates. Keeping up with the transformation in the world, we research human resources analytics, online assessment tools, robotic systems, and different technological tools that we can use in our processes andwe  adapt them to our services.

With our passion for our profession and our trust in human potential; we work as we care about what kind of heritage we want to leave to our country and the world in the future. We wish to inspire many people by learning, developing, and at the same time spreading goodness and universal values as well as our core values, with every person and organization we get in touch with.

Başak Gül Çakır – Peoplefocus HR General Manager

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