Talent Management

The competencies and workforce of organizations should always be set and ready to maintain their competitive advantage, to become organizations that ensure sustainable success, and to be where they aim to be in the future. Besides that, it is important that the organization keeps the skills that are already present and ensures newcomers to succeed together. In this direction, we start working on the following topics;

Talent Management

With the change of expectations regarding the education system and business life, finding and retaining talent has prompted companies to develop different practices rather than traditional methods.

Before designing the talent management process, it is necessary for the company to define the qualities of a “Talented Employee” correctly and to set up a talent management program about how to retain this talent, and for open positions, it is necessary to recruit potential talents who can advance in their career and become leaders within the company.

As Peoplefocus, we determine the critical workforce and create a talent management road map. We create the integrated process, program and infrastructure requirements that are designed to develop important skills, to take place in the right position in the organization and to ensure the commitment, in accordance with the structure of companies. Having said that, we design fresh graduate programs that ensure the right talent meets with the company before the students reach the graduation stage, with the business partnerships we make with universities.

At the same time, we care about the sustainability and development of the organization thoroughly regarding the competencies of existing teams that are analyzed and managed effectively with the right data, directing the teams to multi-career and multi-talent acquisitions, and motivating employees and teams. For our business partners and colleagues, we provide support on topics such as current situation assessments, talent analysis, performance evaluation coaching, sustainability, preparation for competencies of the future and we contribute to human resources functions by using appropriate data analysis tools effectively.

While designing talent management, we support the company to create its own leaders by creating a potential leadership pool with our digital assessment center applications.

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