Performance feedback process is of great importance for both employees and organizations. Since the problems experienced in this process often cause loss of workforce and motivation of employees, the effect of employee motivation on individual performance and therefore on corporate performance is an undeniable fact.

Managers must interpret employee behaviors and develop models and practices that will motivate them according to the results of this interpretation. Managers have a big duty to keep employee motivation high. There are many possible steps to be taken by managers in this regard.

In the feedback process, positive approaches should be developed in solving problems, and evaluations that will improve the performance of the employee should be given in order of importance. Managers should be objective and they should not neglect to discuss the issues that deserve positive support. If the manager uses positive motivation techniques during the feedback phase and determines the performance targets together with the employee, it will greatly contribute to the employee’s job motivation and performance development (Barutçugil, İ., 2002, Performance Management).

What should be emphasized in performance interviews is the difference between the current situation of the employee and the expected level. If the employee is successful at this point, that is, if he has achieved the expected success, making him feel that he has done something valuable is a situation that will significantly increase the motivation of the employee. For this reason, just as it is important to give negative feedback to the employee using the correct language, giving positive feedback to the employee appropriately is an application that will increase the employee’s job motivation and further increase his contribution to the business results.

Another issue that affects motivation is that evaluations make communication with managers regular and expectations are shared mutually in a sincere environment. In addition, regular communication, self-expression and sharing of problems between the manager and the employee are other positive effects of performance evaluation on motivation.

Nisan Çelik.



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